Seattle Erotic Art Festival 53

Tiberio Simone, James Beard award winning chef, performs his work of decorating the body with food at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. A model at the performance explains the sensual connection between food and eroticism, and enjoyed live modeling for an hour and twenty minutes. “When Tiberio works on you, how can you not feel amazing?” she says. One attendee states that seeing bodies and food together brings out something unique about one another and you see things you might not generally notice.

While adorning a male model with avocado slices, Tiberio admires the tone of his skin. Another model, who was photographed for his book, said she enjoyed preforming in the show and would do it again.

To find out more information about the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, check out theirwebsite, and to view more work of Tiberio’s or to order his book check out La Figa Project.


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