Everett Rowing Association 67

Everett’s Crew Team and the art of rowing.

You thought rowing was just an East Coast thing, right?  Or something rich kids do when they aren’t running secret societies?  (Am I the only one who saw “the Skulls”?) Turns out, Rowing is actually a lot of fun and crazy good exercise for anyone brave enough to put in the hours.  Everett Rowing Association is a local non-profit dedicated to making this sport accessible to anyone up for the challenge and the adventure. Because, yes, the cost of the equipment puts rowing well behind the ubiquitous pick-up basketball game as a “sport of the people.” The Everett Rowing Association doesn’t want that cost to get in the way of kids and adults trying out their sport. On their website, they list the core values of rowing:

  • Team Work:  Rowers pull together towards a common goal
  • Educational:  Rowers learn self-discipline and motivation together with commitment and a spirit of fair play.
  • Focus:  Rowers require total concentration on the ultimate objective in order to harness power and precision in this demanding endurance sport.
  • Traditional:  Rowers transmit time honored values and shared experiences to future generations.
  • Environmental:  Rowers respect and safeguard the water and its surroundings.

If you’ve ever seen a rowing team skimming backwards along the surface of a glassy lake at dawn, you can’t help but respect the strength and beauty inherent in the sport. In competition, it’s a fast, hard-core sprint, with one tiny person barking directions at eight giants who can’t see where they’re going.  That’s insane, right? And, while I would much rather be the tiny, shouting person than the men and women moving the boat, it still looks like a good time. If you’re interested in checking out rowing, or getting back into it, you have to check out the Everett Rowing Association.  They have rowing programs for everyone from youth to adult, first-timers to pros, for fun and for serious, championship competition. Watch the video and get inspired.


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