Historic Everett Home Tour 2011 69

Historic Everett Home Tour 2011 was the most recent installment of a yearly event that brings out curious folks who are interested in Everett's many turn of the century homes. Everett has a number of these vintage homes, from the Rucker Mansion to the smaller but well-built homes of mill-workers in the 1920's. The self-guided Historic Everett Home Tour began at the Van Valey house at 2130 Colby, and feature 8 restored homes around the Rucker Hill area of Everett.  The Home Tour was followed with the home restoration fair, where two dozen exhibitors and restoration experts answered questions and offered solutions to the problems unique to the many historic homes in the area.  Historic Everett hosts the Historic Everett Home Tour every September and has a number of related events throughout the year. For more information, please visit the Historic Everett website. Can't wait until September?  You don't have to!

From the Historic Everett Home Tour web site:

To access the Historic Everett Cyber Tour of Historic Places on any cell phone to listen to audio tour info call 425-249-0212. Smart phone users can view video descriptions for the historic sites at myoncell.mobi/14252490212.

Each of the 77 stops on the tour is also shows the GPS location using the mobile web page. The two sections of the Everett tour feature all the Historic Register properties and the newly designated Hewitt Avenue National Historic District buildings. A tour guide map is available for visitors to print out and copies are located at visitor centers throughout Snohomish County.

The tour content and brochure was created by David Chrisman at Momentum Creative with historic building descriptions written by Jack O'Donnell. David Blacker lent his voice to the narration and photos were sourced from the Everett Public Library NW History Room by David Dilgard, supplemented with postcard images from the collections of O'Donnell and Larry Wold.


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