Bluewater Organic Distilling 73

Sometimes we get made fun of (Portlandia – dream of the 1890’s) for it, but we North-Westerners are obsessed with craft. I’m as guilty of it as anyone – maybe that’s why I had to get out of LA. Doing things beautifully takes time, passion, and an attention to detail you just won’t find in anything stamped “MADE IN CHINA.”
In the Northwest, even our booze gets the craft treatment. The rise of cocktail culture has paved the way for a crop of craft-distilleries carving out a new niche in the Northwest. When I saw that one of them, BlueWater Distilling, was cooking up Gin and Vodka on the Everett Waterfront – basically my backyard – I had to go check them out.
When I saw their setup, I had to come back with my camera. John Lundin, the founder, is a firm believer in the importance of the process, as much as the product (which is what craft is all about), and I’m telling you, it shows.
Hand-hammered, copper pot stills, organic ingredients, open flame heat source…really, you’ve just got to see it and hear this guy talk about the process and you’ll be a believer. I’m calling what he does Modern Old School.
Other people just call it delicious. Check out their award winning Halcyon gin and see what you think.

To see the teaser video we released you can check here at our earlier blog post.


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