Ace Hotel Portland 61

Located on Stark Street in downtown Portland, Oregon, the Ace hotel is a locally sourced and eco-friendly alternative to many of the big name hotels. The Ace Hotel gets most of it’s furnishing though local businesses, and also acquired lots of green canvas from old German military tents. The building is on a national register of historic places, and there are many things (sinks, tubs, windows) that remain original.


The hotel is not just for guests; it is also a public space that can be used by locals to hangout and relax. When not spending time in the hotel, guests can use one of the several bikes provided by the hotel to troll around the city, or take a short walk to Powell’s books, the country’s largest bookstore.  Check out the Ace Hotel online and be sure to keep them in mind the next time you need a place to stay in Portland.


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