Paper Hammer 85

Ed Marquand of Marquand Books is the mind behind Paper Hammer, a studio and store producing and selling artisan paper goods, among other unique treasures.  We visited with Ed at his Tieton, WA based workshop where Paper Hammer designs come to life.  His art lies in taking an everyday object – the book – and reimagining it to create something a little unexpected and a little beautiful.  It’s telling that Marquand’s biggest customers are art museums around the world, looking for distinctive ways to showcase the works of contemporary artists, a fresh take on the coffee-table art books people love to collect.  The Paper Hammer studio in Tieton looks nothing like a typical graphic design office.  The workspace is dominated by boxes of paper stock and huge paper cutters instead of banks of iMacs.  With Paper Hammer, Marquand is responding to the growing demand for handcrafted goods.  People today like to see, and feel, the hands of the creator on objects they buy.  At Paper Hammer Studio in Tieton, they maintain that sensibility, but lose the “kitchen table craft” aspect you’ll find on sites like Etsy.  Paper Hammer embraces the traditional techniques but employs a production setting.  Their hand bound books and letterpress gifts rise above the level of “craft” but are still distinctly hand-crafted.


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