Trimpin Contraptions for Art and Sound 99

Ed Marquand, owner/creative director of Marquand books, gives a bit of insight as to what it takes to publish art books for artists, museums, and galleries, while celebrating the release of his newest publication, Trimpin: Contraptions for Art and Sound, at Seattle Town Hall. While taking on the roll of framing creative work and putting a careers worth of achievements into a book is never an easy task, it is even more difficult with Trimpin’s work because of the extent of his work as not only a musician and performer, but also as a visual artist. They strove to keep the authors as well as the images in the book as diverse as Trimpin’s work. During the event, attendees viewed and listened to a demonstration of one of Trimpin’s pieces: Laptop Percussion Sextet. His work focuses on engineering and execution as much as it does the idea itself. While he gets great enjoyment out of his work, he acknowledges there are also some frustrations in making sure things are working as they should, which does not always happen on the first try. Check out the book of this fascinating artist here.


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