The Second Academy at Seattle’s Tiger Lounge 91

In this installment of Dax World, Northwest Live takes you to Seattle’s Tiger Lounge to interview the members of The Second Academy: Eric, Rob and Sandy.  Sandy explains her affinity for Tiger Lounge after learning about its colorful history that includes being a urology clinic, adult shop, and of course its current incarnation of a bar with a vintage pinball machine arcade in the basement.  According to the band, they have been playing for a few years and has their album produced by Tsurumi Records, whose owner is a friend of the bands.

The Second Academy s a Seattle local band that according to their website combines acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocal harmonies, a thunderous drummer and other instruments to create a new version of “pop” rock that reminds you of british invasion era greats without sounding retro or derivative.  They have two albumsout on Seattle local label Tsurumi Records, as well as the occasional free release for their email list.

Be sure to visit The Second Academy’s website to learn more about the band, browse their pictures, join their mailing list, etc.  Their albums can be purchased online through their page on Tsurumi Records.


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