Diamond Knot – A Northwest Original Microbrew 95

In 1994, Bob Maphet and his partner the late Brian Sollenberger decided to take their beer brewing hobby to the next level by starting the Diamond Knot Brewery in the back of a pub in Mukilteo, WA. The two Boeing employees would keg and transfer on Saturday, brew on Sunday, and deliver beer during the week after work. In 1999, they took over the rest of the pub and created what is now known as the Diamond Knot Brewery and Alehouse. They continued to produce some beers on location, such as stouts and porters which don’t sell as much in volume, while producing their more popular brews, such as their IPA and Brown Ale, in a production facility. The previous pub did not serve food, and there was little room for cooking. They came up with the concept of the stonegrill, where your entree is cooked on a 750 degree stone, right at your table. This allowed them to serve things like steaks and seafood which would have otherwise been very challenging.  Maphet believes much of their success is due to a very beer knowledgeable and beer loving northwest clientele.


Check out their website and be sure to stop by and try some of their craft brews if you’re in the area.


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