Rat Rod Rockers – The Movie 105

DAX along with several others from Northwest Live attended the premier of Rat Rod Rockers, a riotously funny and action packed “B” film created by local writer/director D.A Sebasstian.


Sebasstian says Rat Rod Rockers is his second feature film which took two years to shoot.  The film made use of all local locations around Snohomish and north King Counties, including Edmonds, Shoreline, Everett, Monroe, and Goldbar.  The movie’s plot focuses around a mob boss who takes over a town and sends his gang out to recover a moonshiner’s money, which laid buried on a property purchased by an unsuspecting family.  A vendetta between the mob and the family ensues, which is the main essence of the movie.


Rat Rod Rockers includes the following cast:

  • Kerry Murphy as Ivan Moltov, the mob boss and main antagonist of the film.
  • Cameron Black as Jimmy Knight, leader of Mad Cats, a car club gang with ties to the mob.
  • Raegan McKibbon as Nina Noche.
  • Hot Rod Heidi as Ruby Milldue.  Heidi’s real life daughter plays her character’s movie daughter.
  • Trixie Lane as Hazel Tangiers, Hot Rod Heidi’s mother.  Rat Rod Rockers is Lane’s second opportunity to be Sebasstian’s films.


Many of the cast and extras come from Rat Bastards, a real life vintage car club.  Ron Foreman, the club’s president, says their motto is “It’s not what you buy, it’s what you build.”


Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out the Rat Rod Rockers web page on the Go-Kustom website to find out more about the movie, and to even purchase it.



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