Rat Rod Culture 84

A throwback to the late 50’s and early 60’s, Rat Rod culture is alive and well. Hot Rod Heidi and her husband Matt Sawdon have created a presence in Everett, Washington by sharing their love of hot rod culture. Hot Rod Heidi’s Vintage Closet and Sunken Ship Tattoo is a combined vintage clothing store and tattoo parlor. Hot Rod Heidi has always been fond of vintage clothing for its lasting quality and unique designs generally not found in clothing off the rack. Matt has long been into hot rod culture, even before becoming a tattoo artist. In the past decade, he has noticed an increased popularity of tattoos, as well as a wider age range of people who are getting tattoos. While the couple acknowledges that the hot rod lifestyle isn’t for everyone, they have had great success at their combined location near downtown Everett. They enjoy being part of the rat rod culture and supporting the local community of artists and musicians.

Check out their websites at http://www.hotrodheidi.com and http://www.sunkenshiptattoos.com


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