Behind the Lens – DAX 67

In this installment of DAX World, we go behind the lens to show the making of “Phoenix of the Sound” and what it takes to put the elements of kayaks, an island, a beautiful model, and beach files to create the scenes of a post-apoloclytic survival situation with tons of sex appeal.

Daniel Cardenas, the mastermind behind Northwest Live, talks about his inspiration for the shoot. He includes elements of a family trip to florida along with a series of dreams that culimated in the video shoot. Cardenas admits to being nervous in piling a crew of seven, himself included, and a bunch expensive production equipment in a combination of rafts and kayaks in a short trip to Everett’s Jetty Island.

Nicole Landreth, an actress and aspiring model, talks about what it takes to get into character to play the “Phoenix of the Sound”. She says she was intrigued when first approached by Cardenas about the concept of the project, and agreed to take it on. Landreth was at first apprehensive about the job since it is more modeling intensive as well as having to wear garmets that revela a lot of her body, but says she eventually got immersed in the character and fully enjoyed the shoot.

Cardenas and Landreth were the more visible members of a hard working production time that took on the task of ferrying out the to Everett’s Jetty Island with relative ease, much to the delight of Cardenas.
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