Indio 78

Located on Ebey Island, Indio is a self-taught painter and sculptor who has been working on his craft for 12 years. He generally works from 12am to 6am in a barn, which he appreciates for the quiet and seclusion. His show is titled The Day The Flowers Died, which is based on a poem he began writing nearly 10 years ago and just recently finished. His show included 16 paintings, including charcoal with oil wash. The show is based on his interpretation of the end of the world and he tells a progressive story with his art. After moving to Washington from sunny Arizona, he believes the grey skies perhaps influence his artwork in a dark way. Indio believes that painting is ingrained in humans; as it has been done for thousands of years. To see more of Indio’s work, you can visit his earlier website here, and also see his latest work here.


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