Seattle Freeze explained

From an episode of Takei’s Take, actor and idol George Takei of Star Trek fame explains why Seattle is a hot bed of innovation with insights from Geekwire’s Monica Guzman.

Has EDM gone too far?

Kpop videos are corny and somewhat amusing, but this takes the cake. Totally animated life sized performer prancing around to a live crowd with a synth band backing her up.

WTF is with all the Halloween events going on?

WTF is with all the Halloween events going on? What are you doing for Halloween? A common on question this time of year. I’ve got no idea. So I turned to “Seattle’s only newspaper” There are 72 listed parties

What’s Your Worst Halloween Story?

We’ve all had that one Halloween we think back to… not so fondly. Good thing with time, the wounds have healed and that’s where we come in. Us at Northwest Live hit the streets of Seattle to compile some great stories just before the Halloween celebrations begin.

AntiGravity Yoga – Levitas Studio Fremont, WA

Samantha’s soothing voice combined with a nice mix of chill music is instructional, friendly and assuring. When you do finally go head down, you feel totally at ease and trusting that you’ll be ok.

Snohomish on the Rocks Distillery Festival

So if you have learned anything from us yet, then you know we like our food and drinks home grown from the northwest. Lucky for us its a bit of a trend around here to brew up your own Made in the NW creations. So when we caught wind that there was an event that was showcasing only northwest distilleries, we jumped on that list.

With all of the proceeds going to Grow Washington, Snohomish on the Rocks helps and celebrates the distilling businesses of the northwest.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company

Last summer I experienced Hop Harvest in Yakima. Did you know Yakima is the 2nd largest hop producer in the world? We hung out with the kind, passionate brewers at Bale Breaker, located right in the middle of the family hop farm to chat about hops, the family legacy and the quality beer they produce from these aromatic gems.


So riding the NW Made train we started up, NWL would like to present elpis&wood. A handcrafted furniture shop based out of Everett, WA; elpis&wood specializes in live edge reclaimed wood. When I heard about their shop, I thought ok I can go check these guys out. But after seeing what these two guys, Matt and Blake, produce, I needed to go see how they do it. If you are anything like us and you like the idea of home grown and produced in the Northwest, these guys are it. NW Made.

I Will Keep Your Ghost – Nothing

So if you haven’t heard yet, I Will Keep Your Ghost is an Everett native band that classifies themselves as space rock glam rock electronic rock.

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