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Kelly climbs Mt. Rainier

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This video consists three day adventure on Mt. Rainier with Kelly Noland and the folks from International Mountain Guides, a world-renound mountain guide service.  The following is Kelly’s write-up of the trip: Friday morning I woke up calm, cool, and… Continue Reading →

Hiking Mt. Pilchuck

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Northwest Live takes you along with us on a hiking trip up Mt. Pilchuck, one of the Northwest’s most popular day hikes.

Lib Tech Holy Oly Revival

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Lib Tech Holy Oly Revival – The best of the Northwest competing at a snowboarding competition at Snoqualmie.

Stevens Pass – Terrain Park Grooming

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We catch up with the terrain park grooming team at the Hoedown Throw Down at Stevens Pass.  It takes a lot of time and grooming to create a smooth and well-groomed course.  The groomers typically work 10-hour days to create… Continue Reading →

Lib Tech Snowboards – Going Bananas

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What do bananas and snowboards have in common?

Mt. Baker – Out of Bounds

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Outbounding with daredevils at Mt. Baker

Seattle Freeze explained

From an episode of Takei’s Take, actor and idol George Takei of Star Trek fame explains why Seattle is a hot bed of innovation with insights from Geekwire’s Monica Guzman.

Has EDM gone too far?

Kpop videos are corny and somewhat amusing, but this takes the cake. Totally animated life sized performer prancing around to a live crowd with a synth band backing her up.

WTF is with all the Halloween events going on?

WTF is with all the Halloween events going on? What are you doing for Halloween? A common on question this time of year. I’ve got no idea. So I turned to “Seattle’s only newspaper” There are 72 listed parties

What’s Your Worst Halloween Story?

We’ve all had that one Halloween we think back to… not so fondly. Good thing with time, the wounds have healed and that’s where we come in. Us at Northwest Live hit the streets of Seattle to compile some great stories just before the Halloween celebrations begin.

AntiGravity Yoga – Levitas Studio Fremont, WA

Samantha’s soothing voice combined with a nice mix of chill music is instructional, friendly and assuring. When you do finally go head down, you feel totally at ease and trusting that you’ll be ok.

Snohomish on the Rocks Distillery Festival

So if you have learned anything from us yet, then you know we like our food and drinks home grown from the northwest. Lucky for us its a bit of a trend around here to brew up your own Made in the NW creations. So when we caught wind that there was an event that was showcasing only northwest distilleries, we jumped on that list.

With all of the proceeds going to Grow Washington, Snohomish on the Rocks helps and celebrates the distilling businesses of the northwest.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company

Last summer I experienced Hop Harvest in Yakima. Did you know Yakima is the 2nd largest hop producer in the world? We hung out with the kind, passionate brewers at Bale Breaker, located right in the middle of the family hop farm to chat about hops, the family legacy and the quality beer they produce from these aromatic gems.


So riding the NW Made train we started up, NWL would like to present elpis&wood. A handcrafted furniture shop based out of Everett, WA; elpis&wood specializes in live edge reclaimed wood. When I heard about their shop, I thought ok I can go check these guys out. But after seeing what these two guys, Matt and Blake, produce, I needed to go see how they do it. If you are anything like us and you like the idea of home grown and produced in the Northwest, these guys are it. NW Made.

I Will Keep Your Ghost – Nothing

So if you haven’t heard yet, I Will Keep Your Ghost is an Everett native band that classifies themselves as space rock glam rock electronic rock.

Everett Music Initiative

Everett Music Initiative has done an awesome job at show casing our local Everett talent. While I was out at Kroakers the other night shooting the band I Will Keep Your Ghost, I was able to catch EMI in action and see what their take on why Everett is the perfect place to find great music.

Fauna Shade

These guys are blowing up! On tour and playing shows left and right all over the place. Get a peek and go check them out at one of their up coming shows! The Fishermen Village Music Festival included!

I Will Keep Your Ghost – Lost

In my opinion these guys are the best band to come out of Everett. When I discovered who they were I had to go check them out. Lucky for me they were having a release party just down the street. Hosted at Kroakers Neighborhood Bar, and opened by Vox Mod and Kairos, here is I Will Keep Your Ghost performing, their first track from their newest EP, Lost.

Bluewater Organic Distilling

Bluewater Organic Distilling – Sometimes we get made fun of (Portlandia – dream of the 1890’s) for it, but we North-Westerners are obsessed with craft…

Portland Cello Project in Mighty Tieton

This eclectic assemble of classically trained cellists performs at one of the most intimate and acoustically superb settings, the Mighty Tieton Loft Space in Tieton, WA. Imagine a setting that is so quiet, yet accoustically alive, you can clearly hear… Continue Reading →

JM Cellars

This video features a local Washington winery located just north of Seattle in the town of Woodinville. JM Cellars is a family owned business that is best known for their high quality red wines and wide variety of Columbia Valley’s… Continue Reading →

New MTB park coming to Tieton, WA

A movement to create economic development in this sleepy agricultural town in Central, WA is located in a strategic spot to start a mountain bike adventure in nearby national forests.

Nature’s Bounty at Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-Op

If you’re an Everett local, and you haven’t been to the Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op, you are missing out. Located in the Public Market building on Grand Avenue, Sno-Isle is the answer for farmer’s market fans those nine months out… Continue Reading →

VoxPop: Nerds

VoxPop: Nerds. Our VoxPop team hits the streets of downtown Seattle to get the voice of the people. This time we wanted to find out what a nerd is? Seattle has become known for its increase in nerd culture, from… Continue Reading →

ReFresh Boutique – Everett

ReFresh Boutique is a local fashion boutique that specializes in recycled designer, name brand, vintage and modern clothing. The store is located in downtown Everett, just off of Hewitt, ReFresh also offers a place to host private parties in a… Continue Reading →

Winemaker for a day

Winemaker for a day

Paper Hammer

Ed Marquand of Marquand Books is the mind behind Paper Hammer, a studio and store producing and selling artisan paper goods, among other unique treasures.  We visited with Ed at his Tieton, WA based workshop where Paper Hammer designs come… Continue Reading →

Mighty Tieton Lofts

Mighty Tieton Lofts is the result of an idea thought up by Ed Marquand while riding his bike through Tieton, a small town just west of Yakima.  Marquand popped his tires on a patch of goathead thorns and spent a… Continue Reading →

Trimpin Contraptions for Art and Sound

Ed Marquand, owner/creative director of Marquand books, gives a bit of insight as to what it takes to publish art books for artists, museums, and galleries, while celebrating the release of his newest publication, Trimpin: Contraptions for Art and Sound,… Continue Reading →

The Second Academy at Seattle’s Tiger Lounge

In this installment of Dax World, Northwest Live takes you to Seattle’s Tiger Lounge to interview the members of The Second Academy: Eric, Rob and Sandy.  Sandy explains her affinity for Tiger Lounge after learning about its colorful history that… Continue Reading →

Diamond Knot – A Northwest Original Microbrew

In 1994, Bob Maphet and his partner the late Brian Sollenberger decided to take their beer brewing hobby to the next level by starting the Diamond Knot Brewery in the back of a pub in Mukilteo, WA. The two Boeing… Continue Reading →

Dogs of Green Lake

Green Lake, Seattle is a popular place for people and their dogs. Watch our collage of our K-9 companions enjoying a walk around the lake.

Rat Rod Rockers – The Movie

DAX along with several others from Northwest Live attended the premier of Rat Rod Rockers, a riotously funny and action packed “B” film created by local writer/director D.A Sebasstian.   Sebasstian says Rat Rod Rockers is his second feature film… Continue Reading →

Rat Rod Culture

A throwback to the late 50’s and early 60’s, Rat Rod culture is alive and well. Hot Rod Heidi and her husband Matt Sawdon have created a presence in Everett, Washington by sharing their love of hot rod culture. Hot… Continue Reading →

Adrian Xavier Live in Fremont

Adrian Xavier delivers a captivating performance live in Fremont, Seattle. Xavier is a renound reggae musician based in Seattle.  He has been peforming for over a decade and has worked with a number of musicians from the reggae genre and… Continue Reading →

Behind the Lens – DAX

Behind the Lens – DAX and the Makining of Phoenix of the Sound – Go behind the lens of Northwest Live and witness first hand the production of one of our many videos.

Willie Green’s Organic Farm

Take a trip to Tulaco Valley, just outside of Monroe, WA, to visit Willie Green’s Organic Farm, featuring some of Washington’s best produce.

Street Tunes Everett

Northwest Live’s coverage of Street Tunes Everett, which received a lot of support and praise from the community.

Vox Pop – Living Green

Vox Pop – Living Green Michelle Tinney takes to the street and finds out some of the many diverse ways people use for living green in the Northwest

Paragliding World Cup – Chelan WA

Lake Chelan offers some of the best conditions for paragliding, so naturally it hosted one of the events of the Paragliding World Cup


Located on Ebey Island, Indio is a self-taught painter and sculptor who has been working on his craft for 12 years. He generally works from 12am to 6am in a barn, which he appreciates for the quiet and seclusion. His… Continue Reading →

Farmer Cemetery

One of the many interesting places in the northwest. A landscape that is not always associated with this part of the country, Eastern Washington is a beautiful place with a rich history. We visited this Farmer Cemetery in Douglas County… Continue Reading →

Behind the Lens – Paige Garland

Seattle Photographer Paige Garland and model Megan Padilla talk about modeling with tattoos and what it takes to make it as a professional photographer. This episode is shot at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA.

Vox Pop – How Music Affects Daily Life

Hittin’ the streets in Downtown Seattle to ask people how music affects their daily lives. How does music affect you?

Behind the Lens – Brandon Osborn

This first show in a new series from follows photographer Brandon Osborn on location as he shoots stunning edgy shots of model/photographer Paige Garland on a rooftop parking garage. They both share their thoughts on photography and what it… Continue Reading →

Bone Poets Orchestra

Bone Poets Orchestra, a local Washington psychedelic steampunk band shows off its talent and fun fashion sense at Soul Food Books in Redmond. Christopher Bingham, lead singer and songwriter, describes steampunk as a fashion style that applies Victorian anachronisms to… Continue Reading →

Jet City Tattoo Expo

Check out our video of The Jet City Tattoo Expo 2011.  The event was hosted in Tualip, WA (near Marysville) at the Tulalip Resort Casino between Jan 21st and Jan 23rd. Our video contains clips about the Expo, tattoos and… Continue Reading →

Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom – Salmon Bake

A tradition since 1985, the Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom attracts snowboard and ski enthusiasts throughout the Pacific Northwest.  On Saturday, the competitors have the opportunity to relax and catch up with friends at the Salmon Bake and bonfire.  Dax… Continue Reading →

Zack Lewis – B street

Zack Lewis – B street

Accent Dahlias

Ken Greenway, Dahlia originator and owner of Accent Dahlias in Snohomish, Washington, talks about how he went from growing one variety of Dahlias to over 300 within a year and building his business. He explains the complex gene structure of… Continue Reading →

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Tiberio Simone, James Beard award winning chef, performs his work of decorating the body with food at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. A model at the performance explains the sensual connection between food and eroticism, and enjoyed live modeling for… Continue Reading →

Rock n’ Roll Seattle

The Rock N’ Roll Marathon comes to Seattle. Check out the interviews with some of the musicians and runners to hear about this unique marathon. Complaints about traffic couldn’t stop them!

Adrian Xavier – Mother Nature

Adrian Xavier recorded solo and acoustic in the studio.

Mt. Baker – Snowshoeing

Dax goes snowshoeing and explains the serenity in the road less traveled by snowshoer.

Vox Pop – Mindful

Vox Pop – Mindful. What is it to be Mindful? Find out what some people on the streets of Downtown Everett think.

Everett Rowing Association

Everett’s Crew Team and the art of rowing. You thought rowing was just an East Coast thing, right?  Or something rich kids do when they aren’t running secret societies?  (Am I the only one who saw “the Skulls”?) Turns out,… Continue Reading →

Adrian Xavier – Miracles

Adrian Xavier – Miracles. Seattle-based reggae artist plays in-studio.

Ace Hotel Portland

Located on Stark Street in downtown Portland, Oregon, the Ace hotel is a locally sourced and eco-friendly alternative to many of the big name hotels. The Ace Hotel gets most of it’s furnishing though local businesses, and also acquired lots… Continue Reading →

Paper-Wrapped Salmon

Delicious way to cook Northwest salmon. Paper-Wrapped Salmon

Johnny Punani – Frankenstein Girl

In studio with Johnny Punani – Frankenstein Girl

Johnny Punani – Coal Heart

In studio with Johnny Punani.

VJ LowRez At The War Room

Dax meets up with VJ LowRez at The War Room in Seattle to check out her live video mixing. VJ LowRez takes a different approach to VJing, using more equipment for a tactile aspect. Besides a laptop, she also uses… Continue Reading →

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