It’s called the weed bus

It’s called the weed bus. Tour Seattle in style while you get high. The Weed Bus Club offers both private parties or if you’re feeling a sudden urge to see the sights on a relaxing drive, passengers can just meetup and hop on, on one of the buses routes. Looks like Seattle might not be too happy about this one, but hey if you can have party buses, why no weed bus?


NEW bike with buzzing GPS handlebars

NEW bike with buzzing GPS handlebars. Because half of us couldn’t get anywhere without our GPS, it would only make sense someone would figure out how to hook their phone up to their bike to get them in the right direction and to avoid on coming traffic.

Photo credit, Geekwire.com

Name that strain

Name that strain! It’s the yelp of weed, and now you too can find your perfect high or leave a review to help others. LiveLabels is the new startup out of..


The world’s smallest bike rack

The world’s smallest bike rack. For all of you NW bike fanatics – you can finally stick that hunk of transportation up on any surface without the fear of toppling towers of bikes. Super simple design, Hurdler Studios out of Vancouver, BC, has created the CLUG bike rack. Designed, tested and created using a 3D printer.